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What Does Volunteering Involve? 

We provide therapeutic riding for our participants which has a transformational impact on their lives.


Each participant has their own goals which gives them a challenge but also a great sense of achievement. Our focus is ensuring that each 30-minute session is one of the top activities they have in their week.


In order to achieve this, our volunteers provide all the necessary support. Volunteering typically involves grooming and tacking up the horses so they are ready for the session; leading or side walking to ensure that our riders are safe and general chores such as stable management, cleaning and organising equipment.

What Are The Requirements For Volunteering?

In order to volunteer with us you must be at least 12 years of age but there is no upper age limit!


You don't need any previous experience of working with horses just an open mind and a positive outlook.


There are no physical requirements as such however it should be noted there is a fair amount of walking involved during each session.

What Do We Look For In A Volunteer?

West Lothian RDA look for people who are enthusiastic, willing to learn and are ready to make a regular commitment.


Volunteers are a fundamental aspect of our group and without them West Lothian RDA would not exist.


We ask all our volunteers to commit to regular volunteering with the aim of attending at least one of our sessions per week throughout the season.

How Does Volunteering Benefit You?

Volunteering can bring many benefits and should be rewarding and fulfilling. Witnessing first hand the positive difference you can make for others in our community is very rewarding.


When asked why they volunteer, many of our existing volunteers will tell you it's all about seeing the smiles, enjoyment and achievements from our participants.


However our volunteers also find working with our horses and ponies therapeutic too. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn new skills or enhance skills you already have, make new friends, work as part of a team, and enjoy the great outdoors whilst keeping fit at the same time. It's not just our participants who get the chance to learn and achieve their goals.