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COVID-19 Impact

2020 has been a hard year for individuals, families, communities, charities and businesses. We are not immune from the effects of COVID either and as we have been closed, we have not had any income. Operating expenses continue however and without doubt if we had not received such a boost from Aegon UK & Atos we would be in a much more difficult position. We had plans for that funding to help improve our facilities for our participants but at the moment we are focused on survival so we can return to providing therapeutic riding as soon as it's practically possible.

Our participants and volunteers greatly miss their weekly interactions with each other and the horses. We will soon be having to ask our community to support us financially but we are very aware that 2020 has been hard on so many and available funding has been rightly directed to help with the pandemic. However, if you could help us we'd appreciate your support and you can find details on our fundraising page.


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